— Agenda for March 12, 2019 —

Treasurers Report:
Old Business:
  • Banquet Review
    • Positives
    • Negative
  • Community Days (chamber responsibility, Beer and Wine Garden and Music) 4-9
    • Music is booked: Dynamite Supreme ($700)
      • Still need to find warm-up acts
  • Readerboard, utilize better
    • Review progress
  • Workshops for members, what would you like? Social media? Hospitality? Finance?
    • Idea – send out a questionnaire to local businesses to see what the needs are
    • Secret shopper idea of visiting five businesses a month and a winner is picked and given a gift card or certificate
    • Continued discussion about this
  • New marketing idea for Zillah businesses: Charm bracelets
New Business:
  • Robert’s Rules of Order review (on back side of agenda)
  • Scholarship awarded to: Kelsea Nunes in the amount of $1000
    • Should we open this up to more than just high school graduates? Like offering to Heritage 2nd year students?
    • Or offer more than one year by splitting up the amount over two years?
  • Should the Chamber take over the logistics of the Teapot Dome staffing of volunteers?