— Agenda for June 11, 2019 —
Minutes Review and Treasurers Report:
Old Business:
  • Report from Scholarship Committee (Ken Fein)
  • Teapot Dome staffing, report from committee (Curt Vangstad)
    • Training meeting for volunteers scheduled for Thursday, 6/13/19, 5:30pm, at the Family Company Coffee House, 622 2nd Ave, Zillah
  • Workshops for members, what would you like? Social media? Hospitality? Finance? (Gail Van Wyk)
    • Report on How To Expand Your Social Media Presence presented by Justin and his tech guy May 14 (evening of the meeting) 6pm Zillah Middle School
    • Continued discussion about this
  • New marketing idea for Zillah businesses: Charm bracelets (Gail Van Wyk)
New Business:
  • New idea regarding banners in the city for wineries (Gail Van Wyk)
  • Guest Speaker: Becca from Velen Winery