— Agenda for September 10, 2019 —
Minutes Review and Treasurers Report:
Old Business:
  • Teapot Dome third month review under Chamber operation
    • $1042.50 in August 2019 (Chamber portion is $205)
    • Volunteers status for covering extra days a week, one possible person so far, would be nice to have Sunday coverage for people leaving town
    • Volunteer status: Thursdays are covered by Paul Van Wyk and Arlene Lacell; Fridays are covered by Arlene Mulder and Tony Eglet; Saturdays are covered by Betty Duncan and Anmariee McDaniel; Fern Greene fills in where needed; have some more volunteers in the wings
    • Haven’t hired anyone yet for extra days
    • Another idea of revenue: RHWT passports, need to procure these
New Business:
  • Guest Speaker:  Joe Campbell, Simcoe Creek Winery
  • Guest Speaker: Tina Bosma, Bosma Estate Winery
  • President for next year, Gail Van Wyk would like to continue for a second year
  • Review of the progress so far of our new marketing push (The Hunt Agency) begun 8/16/19