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— Agenda for January 12, 2021 —
Minutes Review and Treasurers Report:
Old Business:
  • Vote on changes to By Laws (to allow members of the Zillah Chamber Board to serve on another Board concurrently)

  • Swear in 2021 officers
  • Gratitude awards – Certificate of Appreciations update: Gail Van Wyk
  • Socially distanced Drive-Thru Santa 12/19 update
  • 12/17 Toy Drive update
  • Banners update: Pam Lakman and Becca Otis
  • Social Media update: The Hunt Group
New Business:
  • Teapot wine glasses with the teapot logo: Pam Lakman
  • Update on Teapot Dome merchandise website: Barbara Sherman
  • Membership Committee Formation: Pam Lakman
  • Online auction March or April: Jennifer Reed
  • Student Scholarships for 2021: Ken and Sandi Fein
  • 2021 Budget: Barbara Sherman
  • Various business updates (you can also send this via email)