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— Agenda for February 9, 2021 —
Minutes Review and Treasurers Report: Old Business:

  • Gratitude awards – Certificate of  Appreciations update: Gail Van Wyk
  • Online auction March or April: Jennifer Reed
  • 2021 Budget: Jenn Reed
  • Banners update: Pam Lakman and Becca Otis
  • Membership Committee Report: Gail Van Wyk

New Business:

  • Website redo: Pam Lakman
  • Music paid for by the Chamber played in the  City: General discussion about whether it should continue and when
  • Scholarship Thank Yous from two students: will be included in the minutes
  • Various business updates (you can also send  this via email)

Chamber  meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 8am at via  Zoom.We hope to see  you, hear you, and speak with you very soon. Zillah needs us all!We  encourage everyone to be involved in our projects and fundraisers.
From the ByLaws: The purpose of the organization is to promote its membership and the business interests of Zillah. This is to be done by the following objectives:

  1. Enhancing, advancing and promoting the well-being of commerce, industry, agriculture, ranching, education, artistic, and civic interests in the area.
  2. Undertaking an active leadership role in the community by initiating, coordinating, or developing programs for the benefit of the business community.
  3. Encouraging communication between private and public sectors, business and labor, etc.
  4. Represent the business community and speak on behalf of the business community to municipal, provincial, state, and federal governments.